Savion Aerospace

the art of the possible




Double productivity every business trip! 

With 60% fewer delays,  no security checkins, and the ability for employees to schedule flight times,  we consistently deliver double the productivity time per business trip.    Since employees can set and change departure times, they can easily leave early, or extend your time with clients,  reduce hotel stays, stay well rested, and visit as many places in a day as necessary.   

Never disconnect from your team

The Savion experience keeps you connected throughout your business trip!  Start a video conference on the ground, continue seamlessly in flight.  

Prepay for as many flights you need quarterly @ 20% discount 

Pre-paying quarterly gives your business an inventory of flights which employees use as needed. There are no penalties for last minute schedule changes and you can simply buy more flights as needed.  Your clients are invoiced as normal, your employees are more productive and you get to be the hero!